In Auckland the Auckland Air Training Corps Gliding School used to operate a very elderly T-61 Motor Glider (known as the motor mouse) for just over 15 years. Unfortunately this motor glider due to the material and age became too expensive to operate and was sadly sold off. The money produced from its sale was returned back to the ATC Units.

Currently the Air Training Corps teach their cadets to learn to fly, where possible, at Gliding Clubs. These cadets are aged between 13-18 years old.

Many clubs operate in a commercial sense at commercial rates, which can and does significantly impact upon the cadet’s opportunity to experience going for a fly or learning to fly.

With the formation of the Pegasus Flying Trust which is a charitable organization who have  negotiated the use of a Grob 109 Motor Glider.

This will make it more accessible for  ATC cadets in the Auckland Region, to at least get their first ever experience in gliding.  The Trust sponsors the cadet flying and relocation costs at no expense to the ATC cadets.

There is a need again to put in place the opportunity, to  experience  flying for our young people and offer the sense of self confidence and achievement in a fantastic and challenging sport.


This will allow them to have a "taste" at flying and let them identify their thirst to venture into the aviation industry, if they choose.

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The Trust offers to the ATC air cadet the oportunity and experience flying in a glider, which is often their first taste of flying and a insight into the possible future of aviation, if they choose.

Pegasus Flying Trust will provide the Motor Glider for the ATC Squadrons to use. It is supported, using NZG Club instructors who are nominated qualified instructors for this type of specilaized  glider.

Other areas of the Trust include, the opportunity to apply for a Flying Scholarship for Gliding or continuing on into Power Flying. This is open to all Air Cadets (ATC) who meet the selection criteria.


We are always looking for donations or sponsors to support the Pegasus Flying Trust.  If you can help please contact us via email/facebook or phone one of our Committee Members (phone #s are on the contact page).


“The Pegasus Flying Trust aims to create opportunities for young people to experience gliding. This maybe their very first experience and one they will always remember throughout their life."

Pegasus Flying Trust  ATC