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Flying Scholarship


Currently the Pegasus Flying Trust is looking at providing assistance towards ATC Cadets (male or female ATC Cadets) in the Auckland Region, who might like to take their flying to the next level.




  • A/ You have gone Solo in a Glider and wish to continue their training to QGP(qualified glider pilot).

  • B/ You have gone Solo in a Powered aircraft and look to continue their training towards their PPL (Private Pilots Licence).


We would expect all applicants to have joined a recognised flying training club.


This scholarship assistance may be used for either, Gliding or Power Flying.





It is envisaged any cadet who meets the criteria and has the desire to want to further their interest in either flying skills, will be encouraged to submit in writing their interest request to the Pegasus Flying Trust for consideration. A Board of qualified and skilled people will look at the applications for consideration, based on their merits of each individual.


Our Trust is looking at potential sponsors in efforts to create this opportunity for ATC cadets aged 15-18 years old. If you know of anyone who could help, please contact us.

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