Projects are listed here are in a way of identifying our greatest needs. Our focus to fund raise for these items.Please read through and understand what we have identified in a list to fund raise for. We are very fortunate to have a agreement with the owners of the Grob 109, who wish us to purchase this motor glider, for the use of the Air Cadets and young peoples use, as well allowing our Trust to manage its total operation.

Project 1.  Fund raise to purchase Motor Glider


The Pegasus Flying Trust is currently raising funds to purchase this Motor Glider Grob 109a from its current owner.

The owners have agreed to lease the glider with the view of selling it to the Pegasus Flying Trust,providing that the Trust maintans the upkeep of it in a flying condition once they take possession.

This is in a form of a dry lease, where the Trust must take care of all its operational issues of the motor glider.

We are hoping that we can attract a sponsor or organisation who will assist us with sufficent funds to allow the Trust to purchase it.


Photo: ATC Cadets enjoying at last the arrival of the motor glider to Auckland.

Project 2.    Hangar-our home

The  Hangar we are wishing to raise funds for.It is of simple construction seen here in this example to allow us to finish it off.


The intended hangar will be able to fit the motor glider and easy to pull the

aircraft in and out as well as store our new Aircraft ground trainer and flight simulator for ATC cadets to use.


We are at last 2017, "got a HANGER" on Base Auckland with thanks to the ASC and the RNZAF.

After a lot of negotiation" 2 years" our need is becoming to a reality. The hangar was supposed to have been relocated  4 months ago and understand this will now happen this month ending July 2017.Since we have been storing the Gron in the open,it has cost the  Trust a lot of wear and tear operational issues, so we are all overjoyed with this good news, so again can anyone help,if so please contact us on our  contacts email or!

The UPDATE for 2018   yes yes!!! We now have the hangar relocated in its

new position and sitting on the new piles.

So the latest is we need to lay a concrete strip down the middle of the hangar and fit new sides of roofing iron.A little problem occured where our

Relocation lead to it beinh higher, thus we now need more material to be added.The roller doors and interior ladder all need extensions.

Any support is welcome,especially if you can supply materials at a frindly rate.