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March update.. have found what we need !!!! a Motor Glider.

"Our Dream to put the" Air" back in the Air Training Corps"

Currently the Pegasus Flying Trust are negotiating with the owners of ZK GMW to lease it and take over all the operating costs,so that the cadets can use it for air experience. The Trust is actively trying to raise funds to purchase ZK GMW as the owners have agreed to sell it to the Trust at a very favourable price. The Trustees are working on a number of applications for funding in the hope the Trust can purchase the motor glider, so if anyone can assist your help is really welcome. The info below should be on the Services page. GMW is back at Auckland ready fo›r its overhaul and servicing. Undercarriage removed and repairs are being done to this area as there has been some damage over the years The engine has been removed and is away with the engineer for his inspection.Currently the propeller is in Australia being serviced by Hoffman propellors. We are expecting this back soon as a “New One” once the Service Updates are done. WWe have created a page on whats going on, so that cadet & ATC units can see the repair stages and can add comments, like the picture above with the engine out and undercarriage. Also required is a roster page where we can put a calendar for the ATC units to book their flying. Projects that we have to do, include things like Propellor Replacement Engine Replacement Interior Cockpit up grade New Canopy replacement, new upgraded Navigation system, all of which we have listed on our wish list, for the future and need funding some how.

"Heres looking to the future Dream"


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