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A Good Weekend for the Cadets Flying Camp.

Well its been a while since we last updated the progress of GNW. Cadets from 5, 6, 30 and 40 Squadron ATC have been enjoying gliding at different areas of Auckland.

We have not been short of a few aviation technical problems requiring us to fly back and forth to Ardmore Airport to get some transponder issues resolved.

Thanks to Ardmore Airport for your assistance in helping us with a space to park the Grob.

30 Squadron carried out their annual Flying camp at Base Auckland,where cadets flew in powered aircraft and our Motor Glider with much help from the Aviation Sports Club and our resident Grob Pilot Peter Thorpe,Thanks Peter.

This weekend saw the Grob at Ardmore Airport assisting 40 Squadron ATC with their Flying Camp,where the cadets had a choice of aircraft to fly.It was good to see cadets flying helicopters,doing some cross country navigation,gliding at the Auckland Gliding Club and experiancing the Motor Glider.

A lot of happy faces and appreciation.

Again big thanks to the Ardmore Airport for assisting us to fly GNW fom your airfield. There were a lot of power pilots scratching their heads when we entered the circuit and landed in such a short distance.

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