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August Update and Good News.

Grob 109-ZK GNW in the hangar awaiting its Test Flight looking good

Another week and we think all being equal, we have the Grob at the airfield with the wings on and looking like a new one and I can tell you,the Team is proud and the Cadets are going to love it.

The glider is dressed in its new colours with Air Training Corps and the Pegasus Flying Trust on it......looks good.

See the picture above for the latest as she waits those last little control checks before its flight test.

Lets hope for better weather to get the test flight done.

Well it is confirmed we are GO!! and waiting for the test flight. All going well it will be Saturday 23rd August at Drury Airfield

We are looking ahead at a T hangar for NW and have now got a set of plans to get some pricing confirmed...looks good and is treated as a temp structure,so we have a bit of work to sort things we would sure like to hear from someone....Can anyone help us.?

"We are on facebook" if you didnt know,have a look and we are hoping to put more photos of our progress.


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