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December Merry Christmas trip south

Hi Everyone, we headed south of Auckland for a support camp for 5 Squadron. Well we made a couple of attempts,the first one stopped us with weather on the way, followed by another attempt the next day. Ahhhhh! alas a again radio fault forcing us to return back to the airfield.

Our engineer soon sorted the radio and away we went again !!!!

The Grob got to Matamata in 45 minutes,not bad. Sadly the next day saw "RAIN" and a washout,thus no flying.

We kept the Grob at Matamata that week which did work out well. We(our Instructor Rob Owens) used it for an hour flying important personnel for the ATC National Gliding Course, who had come down to the course to see how the ATC carried out flight training.

We got a pretty impressive amount of support and Thanks towards the Pegasus Flying Trust.

The acting Cadet Forces Commandant finally got a chance to view the Grob at last. He was pretty impressed in what he saw especially , as he has heard quite a bit about it, in a positive way .

Our Motor Glider ZK GNW sitting at Matamata,supporting this fabulous course for our young new budding aviators from all over NZ. The Pegasus Flying Trust ATC was proud to assist the Air Training Corps during the week.

"Cadets all over" gliding and a big HELLO from a ex cadet of 2012 flew overhead from the CTC Training Company telling us he was a ex cadet now flying for a living and wished all those cadets Good Luck-So Cool Thanks.

An ATC Cadet checking out the Trusts Grob(Motor Glider ZK GNW)...wishing he could take it away...NOW!!!

It was a great week for Cadet Forces Gliding,seeing 4 cadets go solo of the 20 on the course. Bear in mind this is a aviation training course and any solos are a bonus. See the wet looking Pilots (ATC Cadets) with big smiles, the joy we get seeing them reach their first dream GOING SOLO>

The course has funding for the First Time for cadets. I understand a big Thanks to AIR NZ and the Aeronautical Society NZ have come to the party to sponsor the ATC National Gliding Course. Cadets from all over NZ participated- Well Done!!!!! Thanks to the Top People in the Aviation industry of NZ below photo.

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