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Operational at Whenuapai

Well it has been a long time since we added some more with," where are we and what is going on.

As you can see in the photo No 40 SQN RNZAF 757 put in a appearance and all the cadets became so motivated, "I want to fly that Sir"or WOW thats huge!!

By being on the AirForce Base Auckland gives all these want to be aviators a oportunity to see our Air Force in action.

We have been operating from Whenuapai since many of the cadets wanted the Grob closer as it was easier for the Units to get to, however we have done some flying with other units down in the Waikato.Morrinsville,Hamilton Rotorua.

A bit of a cross country and a early morning start was a joy to fly it down to the out of town cadets.

We got well recieved and thanks to the Matamata District Council for allowing us to stage there for 3 weeks.

It was great to bring the Grob to the cadets as many had never flown let alone flown in a "Motor Glider" before.

The Trust is still working hard to secure some funding, but this is very hard as attitudes towards "flying" is treated like weathy persons thing,these people dont realise this is the start and intrest to aviation,so if anyone who reads this and can assist, please leave a contact on our contacts page.

Thanks for your support and please like our page.!! :-)

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